Tisseront Orthodontics Review

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Aug 8, 2022 | Posted by N.D.

The best orthodontist ever! Not only is Dr. Tisseront professional, knowledgeable, and an all-around fantastic orthodontist who perfects people’s smiles, but he also throws amazing parties (pool, ice skating, Halloween…) with incredibly generous prizes, has a very welcoming office (with frozen yogurt, hot chocolate, coffee and tea) and most wonderful staff. My daughter is on phase 2 of her braces, and her smile has already been transformed. Thanks to Dr. Tisseront, she won’t have to get any of her permanent teeth pulled (even though she was told by her dentists that she’d have to get at least 4 and possibly 8 pulled). If we could give Tisseront Orthodontics 10 stars, we would. We will continue recommending them to everyone we know. If you are thinking about braces, go there and you won’t regret it!